Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And the verdict is...

Its a GIRL!!
Yes, most people already knew it was a girl, but we have had a few friends tell us stories of their friends who were told at 16 weeks baby was a girl and then at 20 weeks baby ended up being a boy.. So, just to settle nerves, we decided to confirm it before beginning to prepare for a little princess! But according to the US tech, she was 100% sure that we will be welcoming a little girl in July! With that being said, let the shopping and planning begin!! :)
How Far Along: 20 weeks
Size of baby: a banana... roughly 7in, 11 oz
Weight gain: 5 lbs
Maternity Clothes: Mostly all bottoms, still wear some normal jeans with belly bands and tops are still a good mixture.
Gender: Girl!
Movement: Yes! Lots of her moving, and beginning to feel her kick on the outside!
Sleep: Sleep is okay. Getting up a few times to potty, and occasionally because Cole is going through a rough patch right now.. Thankfully it looks like he is getting over that! :)
Symptoms: Random heart burn here and there
What I miss: Having a glass of wine!
Cravings: Chips! Weird I know!
Best Moment this week: Confirming we're having a little girl and getting an Iphone! :)
What I am looking forward to: Preparing for this little princess! :)


  1. Woo-hoo!!! I'll start making some bows ;)

  2. Yay!! Let the shopping commence!! She is gonna be so spoiled!!